Career Goals

Professional Goals

Short Term - I would like to grow my professional network. Being remote for two years, this has been difficult. I would like to measure this by my linked in connections. Over the next year, before I graduate, I would like to grow my connections to 200+. This will involve reaching out to people I have worked with previously, as well as adding more of my peers who I already know through school. This is a goal of mine in the short term, because I think it will be more difficult to network at a large scale after graduation.

Long Term - Professionally, in five years I would like to be established with a company. I suspect I will move around from company to company at the start of my career, but five years in I would like to be with a company with a long term plan. This is more difficult to measure, but a few benchmarks I would like to meet are as follows.

-I would like to move up from being a Civil Engineer 1. In a couple years I want to be a Civil Engineer 2.

-In 5 years I would like to be a project manager starting to handle small projects on my own.